Carding Giftcards using

This article deals with an exclusive method that allows you to card gift cards using in the USA and UK. While Zeek operates in other areas of the world, we do not have BINs for these zones. You can, however, use this carding method from anywhere since the codes are all digital.

Requirements for carding Zeek

To successfully use this carding method, you need to have the following tools at hand:

  1. Live Fullz (Not your only option. Other BINs provided at the end of the guide).
  2. IP Masking (Paid VPN and no DMCA Response).
  3. New Gmail account and a second SIM card.

The Process

Got everything you need? Good. To begin with, you must use your Fullz to create a new Gmail account. This will let you control the whole process, as well as setting up a new SIM card to actually join Zeek later. With all that done, we can move into the fun part.

Step 1

Before you do anything else, use your VPN to mask your location so that it matches the Fullz country. For example, set your location to the US if you have US Fullz. Don’t try logging into Zeek without your VPN on.

Step 2

Once you’re done with that, upon up Zeek using your new SIM card and complete the setup. You’ll receive an SMS code. Having completed that, zip on over to your profile and enter the information as shown on your Fullz. Make a note to add an email address and phone number that you control.

Pro Tip: Your Fullz First & Last name should be your Account First & Last Name.

Step 3

After filling out your details, waltz into the gift card section and choose one under 25 GBP, or 35 USD. Order this using your Fullz and, once the transaction is approved, wait while your order goes under review or is pending.

Step 4

Zeek will send you a confirmation email within six hours, asking you whether you made the purchase. Acknowledge it with a simple statement, and you’re good to go.

Step 5

If you receive an approval email, log in to your Zeek account. You’ll find your gift card code in the Wallet section. After you use or redeem this, you can simply keep using the card and redeeming 1 by 1 as you will only have to verify the new card once.

The reason we say if in the first paragraph is because the cardholder has a certain window of time where they can cancel a charge on their card ​before​ ​anything ships. This is something you should be familiar with if you’ve done any carding work before.

Step 6

Once you succeed, just keep repeating the information and carding method, but use different CVV/Fullz and SIM cards each time.

Other Helpful Information

Here, we give you a couple of tips so you can have better success with this, and with carding in general.

  1. Cancellations of cardholders and authorizations happen with alarming regularity and swiftness, especially now that we have instant banking and net banking, and mobile banking. If you end up losing out to cardholders, just move on. No point crying over spilled milk.
  2. Under no circumstance should you ever use a device with a leaking name. You might think it’s cute to name for your phone Matilda’s Device, but this ensures that your phone shows up in searches glowing like a neon light. Just change it to something like Sentinel One.


UK TSB BIN – 476367 (If VBV pops up, reset it in the window)

USA PointBank Bin – 587366 (Small Bank skips almost every time)

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