Verizon Carding Method

The Verizon carding method is long, but it’s quite profitable. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Fullz (you need a score of at least 650 and no recent inquiries).
  • 1 MasterCard card loaded with upfront taxes (Check on the card address’s state, it can be $150 – $200 for 2 iPhones).
  • Annual credit reports.
  • Vehicle information – easily accessible from Geico, Progressive quote, or Facebook. You’ll be surprised by how much car info you can pull from FB.
  • Relatives info – Spouse, Sibling, Parent (Name, DOB, and Age). If it applies, any out-of-state relatives too.
  • Zillow info for the drop – Any house that’s vacant with easy doorstep access (it’s easier than it seems)
  • Textnow for phone numbers and Gmail or business domain for emails (ALWAYS).

Have everything? Great. Now, let’s talk about the method.

  • Use a burner device (laptop, tablet, etc.) and change the PC or device name to the cardholder’s name. When you’re ready, go to the site through a blog about Verizon. Be sure to look up the best phone plans and find a Verizon link on site.
  • Spend time on the site – browse through the different pages, check out phones and plans. Mimic what a smart consumer would do on the site.
  • After a while, go to the smartphones tab and click “view all” if it doesn’t show the phone you’re looking for.
  • The next step can differ depending on the Fullz report. If the Fullz score is under 700, select “New Customer” and then “Idk run my credit” from the options above the phones.
  • If your score is over 700, don’t run pre-approval. Click “Continue” to checkout.
  • When filling out the address section, write down your text now number and Zillow address.
  • If your Fullz and IP are good, you will see “You qualify” to buy any phone zero down on your screen.
  • Browse around some more – take your time. Go to iPhones and add your desired phone to the cart. Proceed to checkout. (We suggest ordering 2 iPhone Xs and alternate between colors and GB)
  • Under shipping, always choose “Next Day by 10:30 AM”
  • If the Fullz score is low or the person had a fraud alert on their credit in the past, they can ask you security questions. If you fail to answer the questions, you will have to send a picture of an ID and a recent utility bill. Both can be a scan in pdf form.
  • You might also be prompted to call a 1-800 number. This is usually to answer questions on an automated system through the phone. Questions can relate to:
  1. Previous employers
  2. Mortgage or car payment
  3. People the cardholder may be associated etc.
  4. Sometimes, you might find that these questions are simply a scare tactic.
  • These questions are usually not asked when you have a solid Fullz.
  • When paying, use Paypal checkout. Open a new Paypal account from the Verizon checkout (you won’t need to verify this account.) Add your onevanilla and finish the transaction.
  • One vanilla used to be commonly available as a direct payment, but Verizon blocked them. Learn from this and don’t abuse the system too much, or they may block your account too.
  • When it’s time to sign, read the contracts carefully. Once you’re done, choose different numbers for each device.
  • Finally, check out of Verizon and go to your email to see if you received a confirmation.
  • You should get the Verizon verification of your order within two hours and immediately call the fraud department number.
  • The best times to call are mornings or weekends when they are the busiest.
  • The call will begin with a few questions. They usually ask a combination of the following.
  1. Name
  2. Order # and location
  3. SSN
  4. DOB and Age
  5. Address
  6. Number
  7. Email address

You should have all this info, and more, readily in front of you.

They will place you on a 2-minute hold. Once they’re back and verified the previous information, they will ask if you have moved in the last 2 months. Say yes. They will ask you for a previous address or two. Or, they will ask you more verification questions.

If the latter happens, they usually ask around five questions, and you cannot fail more than two.

Question consist of:

  • Cars (Color, Model, Year)
  • Height – Guess by pics on FB
  • Employers
  • Mortgage/Car Payment
  • Family as stated above
  • College and mascot
  • Old addresses and towns lived at.

If you answer all of them correctly, your order will be released.

If you get three out of five, they might let you do the second round of multiple-choice or open-ended questions.

Open-ended questions are:

  • DOB
  • Age
  • A previous address
  • They will mention the date of birth of a relative, and you have to tell them whose it is.

If you pass, your Order will be released.

As for pickup, leave a FedEx authorized signature form on the door (make sure it’s correctly filled) the night before. And you’re home scott free! Enjoy!

Cashout Through Exchange, CVV Carding

Cashout through an exchange is a unique way to make some money. It’s a promising and straightforward method, but it’s still a grey area in carding. You will need the following readily available before you proceed:

  • A Wallet one account
  • A cashout account (like anon Visa/Mastercard)
  • A mobile number of the card you want to cash out (must be the same country, anon SIM+ cell phone never used with another SIM)
  • A Google Translator to translate the Russian words of these websites

Now here is the list of sites you can go to:

There are plenty of Russian and Ukrainian exchangers to choose from and are easily available.

The first thing you do is exchange Visa USD to W1. You’ll be redirected to the Liqpay payment processor page. There, you will be asked to send an SMS confirmation to a mobile phone. Remember that the phone number MUST BE OF THE SAME COUNTRY AS THE CARD, or it will not work. Once you see the VBV page, buy a DOB+SSN card so you can bypass it. The money will then immediately be sent to your W1 wallet. Go to your W1 account, where you can withdraw the money to a Bank of your choice or to a Visa. Here you can withdraw to your anonymous Visa/Mastercard and enjoy your money.

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