How to use Venmo for carding

Venmo carding method.

This article was written for those who are interested in Venmo carding but have never tried this method so far. Also, this text should come in handy for those who already had a successful Venmo carding experience — but then something unexpectedly went wrong. Besides, we know that with some people things did not actually go wrong but they heard that they might — and so they stopped using Venmo for carding.

In fact, you may have come across a problem of old bins not functioning anymore. But we can assure you that it is rather easy to fix.

In this article, we are going to explain the primary advantages of Venmo carding to newbies, outline all the necessary tools and share a detailed, step-by-step tutorial on how to obtain cash using this widespread payment method.

What is Venmo and why you should use it

Venmo is a relatively new product built and owned by the PayPal team. It is a mobile app that allows users to transfer funds safely and quickly. It can boast of an intuitive interface and functions seamlessly. But the biggest asset of this software is people’s trust in it, which is based on Paypal’s solid reputation.

Venmo is well-known in the US, but outside the US, this name hardly rings a bell with anyone. If a person is currently outside of the United States, they cannot sign up for Venmo. However, if a person is located in the US, they can effortlessly transfer funds abroad. The tricky thing is that one is allowed to connect the app exclusively with US bank accounts and mobile numbers.

In 2020, Venmo has proved to be an easy and efficient bank card cashout method. It has a relatively small withdrawal limit, no more than 3000 USD per week, so it would not make you a millionaire in the blink of an eye. But even with this sum, one can be happy for at least 7 days.

Now, you might want to ask: but why do some people state that this method does not function anymore? Those individuals who say so do not fully understand the Venmo carding procedure. Yes, the system might patch bins. But the solution is evident: just get new bins and keep on working. For committed and experienced carders, this should not be a problem at all. For newbies, it would be a good chance to hone their skills and an opportunity to show what they can do.

According to Venmo rules, you need to upload an SSN and identity documents to activate your account. But of course, you can quickly buy this data at an affordable price on the Internet.

Now, let’s check the full list of prerequisites for successful Venmo carding:

  • Smartphone or tablet with Venmo mobile app (obviously)
  • Driver’s license
  • SSN
  • Virtual phone number
  • New email address

Hopefully, we do not need to explain how to register a new mailbox, obtain a virtual phone number and meet other requirements. If you need some help, there are plenty of online manuals dedicated to diverse aspects of this list. But in this article, we will not focus on them in detail.

What to do when I have everything ready

First, you should create a Venmo account from scratch. For this, you need to use the recently obtained phone number, email and set of documents. Once the account is activated, you will be allowed to link up to 3 cards to it that you can use for cashouts. It does not matter if these would be debit or credit cards. Amex is accepted without a hitch.

Then, you would need to send funds from the stolen card to that new email that you have just registered. It would be awesome if you know how much money is on the card’s balance. In case you lack this information, you might start with the maximum limit. If there are not enough funds, try again, with a smaller sum.

The money would be sent to the email that you indicated. To receive it, you should create another account, connected to that very email. Then, link this account to your real bank account and forward the funds there. The money should land on your bank account almost immediately. It is nearly impossible to commit a mistake when using this simple scheme.

Hopefully, this instruction came in handy and now you have a clearer vision of Venmo carding opportunities. As you can see, the method remains fully functional and you can start using it right now. If you have any questions regarding the bins, feel free to contact us. Also, check our site regularly for updates — we will be uploading fresh information regarding the bins and other aspects of carding.



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