Cashing Out A Bank Account To Western Union


All that’s left is to send ourselves a money transfer from that person’s account.

What You Need to Do Western Union Carding.

You start out by buying a bank account with login credentials. Wells Fargo is a nice go-to, but it doesn’t matter which one you end up using since you’ll only log in once. It’s important that you use socks with an IP address within 510 miles of the account you’re trying to log into. Get in, get to the Account Services section and the Statements and Documents section, and note down the account number and routing number.

While you’re there, also note down the account holder’s full name and address. With this information, you can now set up, which allows you to monitor any deposits made into the account, including the micro deposit Western Union will make if you choose to manually verify your account. This way, you won’t have to log into that account again – risking getting it locked.

With the bank account owner’s full name, last 4 digits of the Social Security Number, address, account number, routing number, and login credentials, we are going to head over to Western, where we’ll send money using a bank account.

The registration page will ask you for the personal information of the sender. Use the name and address you noted down. For a phone number, you can use a Google Voice number. Or, if your burner is an Android/iPhone, there are apps you can download that will give you the ability to get different phone numbers. The three I recommend are:

  • Google Voice
  • Talkatone
  • Dingtone

This’ll allow you to set up multiple numbers, but whatever number you choose, make sure you can make outgoing calls with it as well. This is key. Next, the email. Set up a single, centralized dummy account. When you make new email accounts for this kind of work, forward all emails from the new address to the centralized one, so you don’t have to log into thousands of different accounts. Next, we manually add our bank account to send the funds from. We’ll have to add the account manually with the 2 micro-deposits. This will take 12 days.

Use to keep an eye out for the deposits. When you see them, log back into Western Union and enter them. We then choose the amount we want to send, in addition to the person we want to send it to. Keep in mind that Western Union only allows you to send a maximum of $2,999 to a person for pickup or to another bank account. You should stay below this limit. Pick an amount between $2,100 and $2,600 to stay safe. Make sure the accounts you use have over $10,000 in them, so it’s not a big deal from a funds availability standpoint.

Make sure to include a test question. This makes it even more secure because only the person you’re sending the money to will know the test question. Most transfers are completed within 23 days and are available for pickup first thing in the morning around 10 AM. Western Union will tell you exactly when the funds will be ready for pickup.

IMPORTANT: After you finish the transaction and get your MTCN, You’re going to call Western Union. Why? Simple because if a fraudster wanted to scam someone like you’re doing, they most likely won’t be willing to talk on the phone. They’re going to hide behind their computers and cross their fingers while hoping for the best. This is where it pays (literally) to be different. You are going to call them up and tell them that we just sent a transfer of $X,XXX to someone. You’re going to volunteer to give them more information. Full SSN, DOB.

Why would you do that? We’re going to do it because we need to make sure that this someone gets the money we’re sending because they need it very badly. This someone needs to always be someone you know – like a family member or a very close friend. Below, we’ve given you an actual story you can learn from.

“Hi, my name is Linda. I just sent some money online using my bank account to my nephew in New York. Here’s my MTCN. I’m just calling to see if there’s anything else you need from me. My full SSN, my DOB? Anything at all? I’m just asking because I need this transfer to go through without any problems. My nephew is counting on me. I’m all he has. I’ve never sent money with Western Union before, so I want to make sure I do this right. I can’t afford to make a mistake. I used my bank, so when will the money come out? Oh, on the day it sends? Great. I was just calling to make sure I did everything right. He really needs the money. His father, my brother, died last year, so I look after him. He’s in school, and he’s a great student. Anyway, I’m very sorry for going off-topic. Is there anything else you need from me? Nothing? Okay, great. Thank you for your time.”

This is the gist of it. If you’ve ever dreamed of being an actor, this is your room to shine. Get into the mindset of whoever you’re going to play, and don’t be afraid of hamming it up. That makes things better.

Their fraud filters kick in when anything over a certain amount is sent. If the agent who looks over that transfer doesn’t like it, they cancel it. By calling in person and actually speaking to someone over the phone and explaining your “situation” to them, your transfers go through without a hitch. The agent we spoke to will mark the transfer saying that they spoke to us and it’s legitimate.

Why Should You Use This Method?

It’s an ACH transfer, which means one bank (Western Union) withdraws money directly from another bank (our Fullz). These types of transfers take place when you deposit a check someone wrote you. These don’t get blocked because they are more secure than a debit card, which can be lost very easily. Whereas a debit card purchase for $2,100 has a high chance of being declined due to low limit/suspicious activity, an ACH transfer will very rarely be declined if funds are available.

The money does not come out of the bank account until it is sent to us. It keeps us hidden until it’s too late to do anything about it.

When you send someone money, you’re sending it to them in the STATE they’re in, not an actual Western Union location. So, let’s say that the police catch on to what you’re doing and are going to set up a trap to bust you. Out of all the Western Unions in the ENTIRE STATE, they have absolutely no idea which one you’re going to pick up the money from.

If you have a fake ID, you can accept the transfer under that name. In order to withdraw the funds, you need to give them a name, the MTCN number, and the answer to a test question.

With Western Union, you don’t NEED to have an actual ID to pick up the money. You can tell them you lost your wallet and still succeed. The most important things are the MTCN number and the answer to the test question. If you have those two things, you’re good to go. You’ll be in and out in less than 5 minutes. Make sure you park around the corner when picking up the money in case of cameras. It’s best to park on the street and walk the two minutes to the Western Union. I also pick up the money from a location 2030 miles from my home. One time, I drove an hour to another state to pick up 2 wire transfers. An inconvenience? Yeah. Was it worth it? Yeah. I made $4,600 cash in one day.

The best thing is, you’ll never have to go back to that location. You need to go through all these extra steps to be safe. I cannot stress this enough! This is most important to me, and it should be to you. Instead of picking up the money from the store, you can transfer money into your account. The steps are the same. The only difference is that you’ll enter the routing and account number of your bank drop. Unlike Venmo, which seems to cancel everything Bank Account related, you won’t have that issue here. You can do this as many different times as you want. You just need to make sure you use a different identity each time.

A Few Important Points To Remember

  1. Go to locations at least 2030 miles away from your home.
  2. Park away from the Western Union location out of view of their cameras, and walk to your pickup.
  3. Don’t look suspect. Smile! Ask how their day is going! Act normal. Make conversation if you can. Keep their minds occupied between processing your order and conversing with you. As far as they’re concerned, you’re picking up money that’s rightfully yours.

Got that? Good. That’s all you need to do to get this to work. Happy cashing!

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