PayPal money transfer (flip)

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Automatic PayPal transfers from Clean Account within 4-8 hours after we confirm and receive your payment.

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Buy PayPal money transfer.

We make our PayPal Transfers from new accounts(not from hacked accounts), you have no risk to get caught – it will look like a Moneygift from a stranger.
We do not send money from stolen accounts.

You can’t make more than 1 PayPal transactions per day, and receive more than 3000$ with the same account.

Important: Your account should be aged and with transaction history and at least 3 months.

PayPal Transfer Amount

$1000, $2000, $3000

14 reviews for PayPal money transfer (flip)

  1. littlebe

    Nice, got my transfer in about 40 minutes

  2. Cdaiman

    Got my transfer…tanks guys

  3. CCcz

    Hello, I am a Chinese, if I buy your PayPal transfer, when can I receive the payment?When do you click “Confirm receipt”?If I can lift the freeze after 48 hours, I can cooperate with you for a long time and a lot.Please contact me as soon as possible. Thanks

  4. gogulas

    who assures that this really works?

  5. bishop

    You’re super! But I waited 4 hour guys. I have been looking for this quality for a long time. Respect!!

  6. maximax

    Highly recommended you to all your friends!

  7. torroboy

    Best seller in the darknet. I place orders once a week and my paypal account is not blocked, I can freely use the money received. The seller makes the transfer usually within 30 minutes after payment of the order

  8. xxxzzznoname

    Thank you my friends for this TRANSFER, the service is excellent

  9. vitalik

    just thanks for the transfers, I’m finally rich now 🙂


    test test scam test test

  11. snake89

    Awesome! These guys really sent me 1k. it take 24 hours!!!, but never mind i got my money finally

  12. Brett

    Balance, delivery and quality of service at an altitude, recommend!

  13. blackrock

    fast transfer man thank you very much

  14. Kstac

    Hi friends! Money on my account. I can spend this money without any problems. My PayPal account is not blocked. Now I will make orders once a week (as the seller recommended to me).

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